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Available Puppies


We are currently accepting deposits for picks of puppies from the litters listed below born in April 2023

Zoey and Whiskey's Litter born April 22, 2023 (2) Boys

Josie and Tag's Litter born April 25, 2023 (1) Girl (1) Boy

(3) Boys Available as of 5/23/2023

If not enough puppies are born in each litter to cover the deposits, then the deposits will move forward to the next expected litter in the date order in which the deposits were placed.

We will post information about the Available Puppies on this page once they are born :)

 We accept deposits to hold puppy of your choice until he/she is ready to make the transition to their new forever home with you. Choices are done according to when deposits are accepted; first deposit=first pick; second deposit=second pick, etc....

  If you are interested in a puppy from this litter, please contact us for more details.

We are now accepting deposits to hold puppy of your choice from litter. Choices are done according to when deposits are accepted; first deposit=first choice; second deposit=second choice, etc...

Please click on PHOTOS tab on the left top of page, then click into the Album titled Available Puppies to see more photos of the puppies that are available

Puppies will be nurtured for 8 weeks before being ready to leave for their new forever home.

Photos of the parents can be seen in the NEW LITTERS Albums. 

If you are interested in one of our adorable puppies then you can contact us about any of the new or upcoming litters.

Please, check back on our website to see when new litters are born and available. 

If you are interested in making one of our adorable loving yorkies an addition to your family, please click on the CONTACT US link to left and give us a call or send us an email. We are always available to speak to you about our adorable new puppies.

We are now accepting a $300 deposit to hold your puppy until he/she is ready to make the transition to go home with you *ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE *NO EXCEPTIONS* but will be applied towards a puppy from a future litter if the gender of your choice is not born (if placed prior to being born), (or) you change your mind and are unable to get your puppy when he/she is ready to leave (approx. 8 weeks of age), (or) if something unforeseen happens to the puppy that is out of our control while he/she is still in our care. We also offer a One Year Health Guarantee with ALL of our puppies!

We take much pride in the breeding and raising of all of our "little ones" to make sure they are of great health and top quality. We are not a puppy mill and breed only Yorkshire Terriers. They are born and raised in our home under foot and receive the upmost attention, love and care. We nurture our "little ones" for eight+ weeks before allowing them to relocate to their forever homes.

Our puppy prices start at $2500.00 for average size charted adult weight (5 - 7 pounds) and $3500.00 for smaller puppies charting to be under 5 pounds at adult weight. This applies to AKC Females or Males (All puppies come with Limited Registration; Breeding rights will be considered for an additional fee).

If you are wondering why the cost of Yorkie Puppies seems high, then let me try to give you a little insight to what a Good Reputable Breeder's cost are in order to provide Healthy Quality Breeding Dogs that will continue the quality line through the puppies for their new owners. Hopefully this will help you understand the difference in what some breeders charge compared to some that sell puppies for a lesser amount.

As for DivineYorkies, we have many cost that factor in to what we are able to sell our adorable puppies for:

First and foremost, there are vet cost (this is to insure that each and every divineyorkie is getting the examinations, shots etc. that he/she need in order to maintain quality health. Secondly, there are food cost: we don't believe in just feeding any ol' kind of dog food to our yorkies, nor their puppies. Many of the dog foods that are cheaper on price have "fillers" in them that are not good for the dogs diet or health. Thirdly, we have our yorkies "inside/outside" home cost, which includes an area they are taken to throughout the day so they can have exercise time and time to enjoy the fresh air. Their "inside/outside" home consist of a 14x40 (440sq ft area) that has large indoor kennel areas as well as large covered outside kennel area. The inside area of their home is climate controlled (heat and air). So therefore, we have utility cost to keep the temperature comfortable for them. Next, we have grooming cost for all the divineyorkies so that not only their appearance stays beautiful, but so that their hair maintains that silky shiny coat. Finally, but not least, we have the clean up time and expense. On average 4 hours each day goes in to just the cleaning and sanitizing each and every kennel inside and outside ones as well. Beyond the average of 4 hours a day clean up time, we have the 24/7 hour days and nights. Yes, 24/7 sometimes. When a litter of puppies are born, we are checking on and tending to any that may need it even through the night hours. We have some nights that we get no sleep at all and some where we set our alarms every 2 hours to get up and check and assist the mom if needed with the puppies. Also, we are right there with each and every mom when she goes into labor, from the time she starts til the final puppy is born. And yes, this happens quite often in the middle of the night :-) But we love every minute and moment we get to spend with our divineyorkies and their beautiful adorable puppies. So our cost is just a minimal to what the actual cost are that go into the breeding and raising of each one. We do it for the love of the breed and to be able to share the happiness and joy that yorkies bring into our lives with others by providing a healthy quality puppy that can bring many many years of happiness and joy to your family as well! :-)


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