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Bree and Tag's litter are expected to be born week of October 18th, 2020

(We have accepted 7 deposits on puppies for this litter - 5 for females and 2 for males)

*Deposits will move forward to next expected litter - if not enough puppies are born in the litter

 Ginny & Oakley's litter is expected to be born the week of Nov. 22nd, 2020 

We have accepted 2 deposits on Females & 1 deposit on male puppies for Ginny & Oakley's Winter Litter

 Tori & Oakley's (or Tag's) Litter will also be expected around Dec 2020

 We have accepted 2 deposits on 1st and 2nd pick of puppies from Tori & Oakley's (or Tag's) Winter Litter

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Below you will find some very important information that I have put together and feel every prospective new yorkie owner should have knowledge of before making that final decision of adding a yorkie to your family...

Also, please read the OUR FAMILY page by clicking on the link above. It gives you, (the prospective new owner) some information about us as breeders. You can also click on the Photos Link to the left to view many photos of our dames, sires, available puppies, new litters, expected litters and past litters.

We take much pride in the breeding and raising of each of our yorkies. We strive only for the best qualities in the breed: Personality, temperment, size and color.

Likewise, I would greatly appreciate your signing my guestbook by clicking on the link to the left and leaving me a comment and/or feedback on my website.

If you are a proud new owner of one of my loving divine yorkie pups, please feel free to share your comment on your experience with me as a breeder and your comments about your new addition to your family, for the other viewers to read. We all love to share our wonderful experiences with these adorable puppies!!! And we have many of them : ) They bring us much joy and lots of laughter and bring a warm touch to any heart....


The History of the Yorkshire Terriers:

Yorkshire Terriers affectionately known as "Yorkies" are a small dog breed with big personalities. Yorkies were developed in the 1800s in the historical area of Yorkshire, England. The defining features of the breed are its small size, generally weighing  (8 lbs) or less  and its silky blue or black and tan coat. The breed is nicknamed Yorkie and is placed in the Toy Terrier group by kennel clubs. They are known to be a winning showdog and a popular companion dog. They were ranked #3 on most popular breed for 2009 and the TOP # 1 breed for the "Toy" breed. 

Please take caution to those breeders who advertise "Teacup" yorkies. After much research over the past ten years, I have found there is not a "teacup" class of breed for Yorkshire Terriers. They are small in size ranging on average from 3 to 7 pounds at adult weight. This is in the "Toy" class breed of dogs and the size that is recognized by AKC (American kennel Club).

Yorkies In America:

The Yorkshire Terrier was introduced in the United States in 1872 and the first Yorkshire Terrier was registered with the American Kennel Club in 1878, making it one of the first twenty-five breeds to be approved for registration by the AKC. During the Victorian Era, the Yorkshire Terrier was a popular pet and showdog in England, and as Americans embraced Victorian customs, so too did they embrace the Yorkshire Terrier.


 The ideal Yorkshire Terrier character or "personality" is described with a "carriage very upright" and "conveying an important air". The Yorkshire Terrier is very intelligent and active.

They do like to please their owners so they are very easy to train. They can be a lap dog after playing for a while then they will cuddle up with you.

Yorkshire Terrier Puppies:

Yorkshire Terrier puppies are not born with their adults coats. Yorkies are born black with tan points and slowly transition in to their adults coats over many months, even years. As an adult, a Yorkie can be black and tan, blue and tan, blue and gold, or black and gold.

A newborn Yorkie puppy is born black with tan points on the muzzle, above the eyes, around the legs and feet, the inside of the ears, and the underside of the tail.

It may take up to three years or more for the coat to reach its final color.

Hypoallergenic coats:

The typical fine, straight, and silky Yorkshire Terrier coat has also been listed by many popular dog information websites as being hypoallergenic. The Yorkshire Terrier coat is said to fall out only when brushed or broken. 



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